2nd International Conference on Physical Computing

September 11 & 12 2023, Heidelberg

The conference brings together stakeholders from diverse fields to discuss the prospects of using physical systems for information processing tasks in advanced computing, simulation and machine learning. The conference is a unique opportunity to discuss the latest developments in the physical computing field.

Our conference theme is driven by the idea that physical concepts, functional materials and devices could be used to run computations directly, in contrast to using logic gates. There are several emerging themes and implementations of this concept, which we would like to cover in depth.

The conference features talks by invited experts, a poster session for all participants as well as the opportunity for registering oral presentations or a symposium. 

Confirmed Speakers

  • Jordan Raney, University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • Abu Sebastian, IBM Zürich, Switzerland
  • Stephan Reitzenstein, TU Berlin, Germany
  • Bipin Rajendran, King's College London, UK
  • Marc Serra Garcia, AMOLF, Netherlands
  • Jakob Macke, University of Tübingen, Germany
  • Holger Fröning, University of Heidelberg, Germany
  • Pablo Sanchis Kilders, Polytechnical University of Valencia, Spain

Topics covered

  • Photonic Computing
  • Quantum Computing
  • Non-volatile memory concepts
  • Structure-based subwavelength imaging
  • Superconducting circuits

Conference Formats

  • Poster sessions and oral presentations to report on projects, approaches and research.
  • Symposium comprising four to five short oral presentations in co-creation on similar issues.
  • Plenary events including key lectures from various stakeholders and perspectives.

Important Dates

June 1 Submission and registration open
August 11 Submission deadline
September 3 Online registration closes
September 11 & 12 Conference days

How to register for the conference

To participate in our conference and make the most of the event, please follow these simple steps to register:

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  3. Registration and Submission: Once your email address is confirmed, you will have access to the registration and submission forms. Fill out the required information accurately and thoroughly. Be sure to select the appropriate registration category that suits your participation.

  4. Post-Conference Activities: While registering for the conference, don't forget to also register for the post-conference activities. These activities provide valuable networking opportunities. Make the most of your conference experience by participating in these engaging social activities.

We are excited to have you join us for this enriching event. Should you have any questions or encounter any issues during the registration process, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. We are here to assist you and ensure a smooth registration experience.

Thank you for choosing to be a part of our conference. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Note: If you have already registered for the conference and need to register for the post-conference activities separately, please follow the provided instructions to complete the registration process for those activities.


The conference will be held at the International Academic Forum Heidelberg, Germany:

International Academic Forum Heidelberg (IWH)
Hauptstraße 242
69117 Heidelberg

Directions to Heidelberg and the venue can be found here.

For the conference participants, we will provide a list of hotels at the time of the registration deadline on the conference website. Please note: travel costs and accommodation will only be covered for invited speakers.